Russia, Nizhny Novgorod | 2020

This kind of gallery was created in an abandoned hangar, which used to be a shooting range in Soviet times. Images on the walls of the hangar are presented as targets "chest figure". Drawing of a black man and a white man are located in the opposite sides, towards each other. Each work is a part of storyboard of animation which is projected on the central wall of the hangar. The looped animation changes the images of these two characters and speaks of unity by uniting these figures into one.

In February 2012, in Florida, patrolman Zimmerman shot dead 17-year-old black teenager Travon Martin. Zimmerman thought that Martin looked suspicious, since he was wearing a hoody and was in a hurry somewhere. As it turned out later, the teenager was unarmed and carried sweets from the store to home. In this case, the hood became a reason to suspect a person of illegal actions and take his life. After the teenager's death and acquitted of patrol, people began protests, symbolized by the hood and hashtag #blacklivesmatter. This year, after the tragic death of a black man from the actions of the police, the hashtag gained great popularity in mass demondtrations against racial discrimination and police violence. Because people should be judged by their actions, and not by skin color or appearance.